A first version of my Gemini Pod.

This is the Gemini page of alexlehm (Alexander), I am a 50+ guy from Germany.

I started a mastodon rss to gemlog converter script, it is not regular updated, the link is my gemlog link:

My gemlog

The script is here

I have a few links around WWW


My PGP key

My Profile pic (to be honest, the pic is 19 years old, it was taken at the wedding of my sister, I look different today with a large beard)

Profile Pic

A list of Gemini search engines and crawlers I have found

I have created a few php scripts gemini services to try out cgi programming

jump to a random URL (list via the bortzmeyer site)

feedback form that can be set up for each user via the client cert login

paste site for gemini

show your client IP

show a client-id based on your client IP

get trapped in infinite links

To send me feedback, please use my own response url


a list of "friends" I discovered around Gemini


an old joke using symlinks (I made that on my first web page in about 1994)


I also have created a few profile pages on different sites where I have an account



LEO Orbit links

I am joining the LEO ring

Next Page

Previous Page

Random Page Orbit links

About Space Elevator

Next Page

Previous Page

Random Page

This is a mirror (mostly) of the gemini capsule at


The server is currently running on molly-brown which I start with nohup when necessary, so it might not be up all the time


I just noticed a hashtag crawler at


So I am adding a hashtag to my page #alexlehm

xss test

just a xss test page

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