Creating an atom feed file to submit to antenna

I recently considered submitting articles to antenna but since I am not using a gemlog format but just create random files it does not work directly.

I thought I needed to reformat my files but it is mentioned on the antenna site that you can use an atom feed file instead. I tried that and at first failed to understand what is actually accessed and after some fiddling I noticed that if the atom file is submitted, the information in the file is used and the actual article files are not even accessed by the tool.

To create an atom file with an editor, I used the file from another capsule as source and edited the fields, the xml format is pretty simple and can be done for a few articles easily. If you do not know XML, it has a few quirks, especially you have to be careful not to use characters like & < > which have to be encoded like in HTML with &amp; &lt; &gt;

The header of the file is a few lines, you only have to change the name and email and the self link, I amnot sure if the date is evaluated, I update that each time when I add a new entry.

Each entry consists of the <entry> tag and a few inner tags, the text used in the list comes from the <title> tag, the <id> and <link> tags both contain the target url, I think the <id> is avaluated, I just copied it to both. <summary> is not used but it is usually in an atom file.

In the end you have to close the XML

If the file is valid (check with tidy -xml), it should be accepted by antenna if you submit it via the gemini page.

An examle atom file for my page is visible on the url


This is the file I currently use to submit posts.

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