Issue using ZNC with multiple accounts and SASL

I have been using different bouncers on different IRC networks since I got more into IRC again (with SDF and Tildechat) in the beginning of this year and switched between a ZNC and a Soju-based bouncer and I am actually using both right now since I don't want to change the configs that are working, both are working quite well, so I am not sure if I am preferring one over the other.

When configuring ZNC I had a rather random issue that caused the nickserv or SASL authentication to fail on some irc accounts and I couldn't really figure out why and when manually authenticating via Nickserv it always worked, also using cert auth usually works. Since most bouncers and irc networks are up for a long time, this is not really an issue and I simply thought, it is an intermittend issue that happens every Blue Moon (which was actually last week).

Yesterday one bouncer I use had a planned downtime and I looked at the config of the different accounts again and found why it is not working with some after checking the different config entries.

I am using Firefox to access the ZNC page and have stored the bouncer account in the Firefox password manager, this way the login is prefilled, but the setting is global so that any other password field that is in the page is prefilled as well, which includes the SASL config page which means that I overwrite the irc account password with the ZNC account password each time I save the page (which is not necessary usually, but I probably do it more often than necessary). When not doing that and setting the right password once and not storing it in the FF password list, it works as expected and it works for each network individually.

I guess it would be helpful to have an option to skip setting the password that greys out the form, but the issue is mostly due to my stupidity, so it is probably not a big issue at all. Or it could be possible to name the password forms for each network with a different id or whatever so that the stored password is not put into the wrong form.

I generally prefer using Certfp when it is supported, but if not, setting the SASL password works like that.

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